About us

Zenith Art System GmbH was founded in 2000 by Klaus-Dieter Kirsch in Bonn.
In 2007, Dirk Bilgen joined the company as a partner and in 2010 became sole proprietor.

From the beginning, Zenith’s drive was to develop new techniques, machines and materials for printing, laminating, refining and presenting images and photos. For example, Zenith was one of the first companies in Europe to present the advantages of cold processing by manual laminators to framing machines and photographers, and to present this know-how live at trade fairs and to offer training in its own showroom or on-site to customers.

Zenith was instrumental in developing the technique of acrylic glass lamination or face-mounting using double-sided adhesive films.

The company’s product range has been steadily expanded, the number of employees has been continuously increased and the production and storage area in Bonn-Beuel has been expanded to just under 1,000 square meters. Digital printers and photographers will have access to a knowledgeable team and a comprehensive portfolio of materials.

Zenith has always remained true to its principle, as far as possible to develop and manufacture all products themselves or to have them exclusively produced. This ensures a lasting high quality of the products.

For our private customers, we offer products in an extra shop.

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Social Engagement

Zenith Art System has joined the “Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs” network.
This initiative for small and medium-sized companies, founded by Oxfam, supports energetic women and men in poor countries to build up an economic existence on their own.

We are convinced that entrepreneurship has the power to overcome poverty in a sustainable way.
With their own small business, people can free themselves from poverty and lead a life of independence and dignity. From the money they earn, they can feed their families, send their children to school, pay for medicine and medical care. They can reinvest surpluses in their businesses and create new jobs to give even more people the chance of a better future.

We support all of this as a member of “Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs” in order to make our contribution to a fairer and better world.

The women and men we specifically support do not have access to start-up capital, vocational training or support in developing their expertise. In most cases, they have no way of responding to crisis situations in their environment, influencing political decisions that are important to them, or asserting their rights. Together with Oxfam, we want to change that.

We are determined to give people in poverty a chance and to work for a fairer world without poverty!

For more information, visit www.oxfam.de/unternehmernetzwerk.

Live your dreams!