Facemounting behind Acrylic Glass

The bonding of photos behind acrylic glass or Plexiglas is usually carried out in two ways.

The classic process uses a liquid silicone.

Our method uses a very thin, highly transparent double sided –adhesive, which is mounted to a print in a second process the print is then mounted behind an acrylic sheet. With a little practice you can achieve fantastic results even with a manual laminator.

Both methods lead to a high protection against ultraviolet rays and mechanical influences. Because of very little light refraction the results show an enormous clear and deep effect.

Face mounting is certainly one of the most beautiful and modern ways to present photos and artwork.

Facemounting with Silicone

In this process the special silicone is pressed, with a very high amount of pressure between the photo and acrylic sheet. Here you need a special laminator with steel rollers and quite a bit of experience. After the bonding of the print to the acrylic sheet and an aluminium panal the entire picture is cut to size giving clean, straight edges.

Mounting with a Double-Sided Film

With the extremely high quality of our Optical Clear film you too can also face mount behind acrylic glass.

We have developed the method so that even with a manual laminator you can produce such excellent results that even a professional is unable to distinguish which method was actually used.