Lenticular / Diablast

Modern 3D cinema and television works in combination with the use of specially filtered eye glasses and doubled camera lenses that project polorised light onto a screen, cinema goers’ glasses use the same polarising filters to separate out the two images, giving each eye a slightly different perspective and fooling the brain into seeing 3D movement.

With the use of special sheet lenses, Lenticular images can be viewed with a deepness, never before seen, without the need of special glasses.

To produce these prints you will need normal 2D photos or a series of photos and software that can convert the images.

These are printed using a normal printer and with the use of a transparent double sided adhesive, mounted to our special sheet lenses.

Sheet lenses are available in various thicknesses and sizes, from 60 to 20 LPI, from 1,200 x 2.400mm through to smaller formats.
As a special service, all formats are available as self-adhesive sheets!

We would be happy to provide you with the necessary technical know-how, software and all materials needed so you would be able to produce these products yourself.

If required we can help you customise your artwork or offer a complete finished piece.

Please contact us for further information, we would happily send you samples and would gladly assist you in this fascinating technique.

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